Extend your Payroll Outsourcing to

include your HR Administration

What it includes:

Accurate administration of employee leave days is an important function. It ensures that employees aren't overpaid or underpaid for their accrued leave when exiting a company.
As an auditing function, it's important to ensure the leave totals are correct, so that accurate leave provisions are calculated.
With more than 10 years' experience in human resources, we can confidently guide and advise you on labour and remuneration-related matters so that you can feel safe in knowing you are on the right side of the law. Fair and reasonable labour practices go a long way to maintaining workplace accord between staff and management.
Without proper personnel records, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to effectively monitor performance and productivity levels. A lack of such important information can hinder both the growth of the business and the development of the individual employee. Therefore everyone benefits from accurate, up-to-date records.
Employers who employ 25 or more employees are considered “relevant employers“ and need to submit annual Affirmative Action Plans to ensure Employment Equity in the workplace.
We have submitted several AA Plans on behalf of clients, who achieve AA compliance as a result of our efforts. Should you wish to submit and compile your own report, we are able to provide you with the statistical data required to compile the report.

The 5 WHY's of Outsourcing to Paymaster

Focus on what's really important – your business
Save on overheads
Save on overheads
Data security
Data integrity and confidentiality
Save on training
Save on Training
Legislative advice
Knowledge is power. Avoid legislative pitfalls by applying best practice
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